#7. Wheels On Meals HKR Definitive Edition Blu-ray

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Hot off the success of their previous team-up, Project A, Jackie and his "kung fu brothers" were looking for a fresh location to take their unique brand of action comedy.  Barcelona offered the perfect mix of large open plazas, ancient castles, and European flair.  For added visual appeal former Miss Spain 1979, Maria Delores "Lola" Forner, was given a co-starring role.  Plus undefeated kickboxing champion, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, and America's #1 ranked karate champion, Keith Vitali, were brought in to add to the high-octane action quotient fans expected.  In fact, Chan's final brawl with Urquidez is still considered one of the best one-on-one fights in cinema history.


Cram-packed with screwball chases, high-flying vehicular stunts, martial arts mayhem, and the whimsical charm of the "three kung-fu-teers", Wheels On Meals remains as entertaining as ever.


What makes our version special:

Our release features an exclusive frame-by-frame restoration of the Japanese version.  It is a fantastic demonstration of Hong Kong Rescue's restoration abilities and results in an extremely clean and detailed presentation.


Check out the before and after comparison:



As can be seen in the video above, the original Japanese source had considerable damage but with a great deal of diligence we were able to clean up nearly all of it.


The entire process probably took 6 months working every single day, and sometimes for hours at a time.  

We used Digital Vision Phoenix and The Pixel Farm's PFClean.  Thousands of instances of dirt, dust, scratches and broken frames have been removed or repaired.  An extensive amount of manual work was required for this one, there were no short cuts.



An exclusive audio track:


For this release, we did something pretty extraordinary.  We created a (for the time) exclusive hybrid audio track that combined the original Cantonese audio and sound effects with the iconic music from the original English dub.

We’ve carefully examined every release ever, including many that are long out of print to determine which audio tracks sound the best, and which are most essential.


Finally, you have the option to toggle between every audio track that you’d want for this film.



The subtitles:


Our release includes a NEW line-by-line translation of all the dialogue to create the best and most accurate English subtitles available for this film.


Additionally, we've had the Theme Song translated as well, a HKR exclusive feature.





Disc 1 Features:

  • Exclusive Restoration - The Japanese transfer was restored frame-by-frame using Digital Vision Phoenix and The Pixel Farm's PFClean
  • The most accurate subtitles - Completely rewritten and exclusive to HKR.  The Theme Song sung over the credits / outtakes has been translated as well.
  • Authored to the highest standard - Professional menus with seamless navigation and chapter and audio selection combine in a release that is polished in all facets.


Audio Tracks

  • Cantonese 2.0 LPCM
  • Classic English Dub 2.0 LPCM
  • Hybrid Cantonese 2.0 LPCM (HKR Exclusive)
  • Cantonese 7.1 DTS-HD
  • Classic English Dub 5.1 Dolby
  • New English Dub 5.1 Dolby
  • Bey Logan Commentary
  • "Podcast on Fire" Commentary



      Disc 2 Special Features

      • Fan Collection Ep. 1 - JC Poster Tour – 18:56
      • Image Gallery – 28:02
      • The Restoration – 12:48
      • Final Fight With No Music – 3:18
      • Sammo Hung Interview – 17:56
      • Yuen Biao Interview – 22:20
      • Sammo Hung & Yuen Biao Interviews – 19:15
      • Benny Urquidez Interview – 28:25
      • Keith Vitali Interview – 33:24
      • Stanley Tong Interview – 34:44
      • Brett Ratner Interview – 18:39
      • A Tribute To Jackie Chan – 6:06
      • Jackie Reflects On His Career – 7:57
      • Jackie Chan on Japanese TV – 4:59
      • Crossings:  Jackie Chan – 49:19
      • Jackie vs. Benny Fan Homage – 5:53
      • The Amazing Sammo Hung - 3:42
      • Jackie, Sammo & Yuen Biao on Hong Kong TV - 2:19
      • Charitable Chan - 10:10
      • Wheels In Action - 4:18
      • Jackie Sings In Japanese - 8:37
      • "The Protector" Promo - 0:37
      • Hong Kong Version Titles & Credits - 2:35
      • Promotional Archive - 1:12:16
      • Music Videos - 10:14
      • Outtakes - 7:07
      • Trailer Gallery - 23:24
      • TV Spots - 6:50
      • Hong Kong Rescue Trailer - 8:40


        Total Length of Special Features:  7 hours, 52 minutes

        Additional Details:

        • 2x 50gb Blu-ray discs packed to the limit
        • These discs are region-free
        • We ship worldwide