#6. Project A HKR Definitive Edition Blu-ray

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In 1983 Jackie was in need of a big hit in Asia, after two lukewarm attempts at the U.S. box office left him humbled.  What he got was a creative breakthrough.


With assistance from schoolmate Sammo Hung, Jackie realized his first true HK epic.  Project A incorporates all the elements that would later become synonymous with Jackie Chan movies:  intricately choreographed fights, dangerous stunts, a semi-lighthearted tone, and end-credit outtakes playing over Chan's vocal performance.  (Chan's now-trademark use of end-credit outtakes was borrowed from his experience on Hal Needham's The Cannonball Run.)


The film went on to great success across Asia, spawned a sequel, and is considered the moment when Jackie matured as a filmmaker and performer.  Project A remains a cherished Jackie Chan classic.


What makes our version special:

Our release is the only version available that contains three different cuts of the film.


The Japanese transfer in particular was sourced from a 35mm film scan in Japan that had a substantial amount of damage. 


We took on the arduous task of restoring this cut of the film frame-by-frame using Digital Vision Phoenix and The Pixel Farm's PFClean.  Thousands of instances of dirt, dust, scratches and broken frames have been removed or repaired.  The result is the most prisine presentation of this version of the film you'll ever see. 


The Hong Kong Version is very similar, except it has different opening titles and different credits.


The US Version is more of a curiosity than anything.  The shortest of the three, it was re-edited for US markets by Miramax with different opening titles and a new English dub.


The subtitles:



We asked our Cantonese-speaking colleagues to re-translate the subtitles from scratch in order to more accurately reflect the story line and the performances of the actors.  The result is the best, most accurate English subtitles available for this film anywhere in the world.


Additionally, we've had the Theme Song translated as well, a HKR exclusive feature.


A carefully-selected collection of audio tracks:


We’ve carefully examined every release ever, including many that are long out of print to determine which audio tracks sound the best, and which are most essential.


Finally, you have the option to toggle between every audio track that you’d want for this film.



Disc 1 Features:

  • 3 Different Versions - The Hong Kong Version, The Japanese Version and The US Version, using two completely different sources
  • Exclusive Restoration of the Japanese Version - The Japanese transfer was restored frame-by-frame using Digital Vision Phoenix and The Pixel Farm's PFClean
  • The most accurate subtitles - Completely rewritten and exclusive to HKR.  The Theme Song sung over the credits / outtakes has been translated as well.
  • Authored to the highest standard - Professional menus with seamless navigation and chapter and audio selection combine in a release that is polished in all facets.


Hong Kong Version Audio Tracks

  • Cantonese 2.0 LPCM
  • Cantonese 5.1 DTS-HD
  • Mandarin 5.1 Dolby
  • English Dub 2.0 Dolby
  • Bey Logan Commentary


Japanese Version Audio Tracks

  • Cantonese 2.0 LPCM
  • Cantonese 5.1 DTS-HD
  • Mandarin 5.1 Dolby
  • English Dub 2.0 Dolby
  • Bey Logan Commentary


US Version Audio Track

  • New English Dub 2.0 Dolby


      Disc 2 Special Features

      • "A Classic Revisited" – 1:16:39
      • Jackie Chan Interview – 3:27
      • Yuen Biao Interview – 18:07
      • Composer Michael Lai Interview – 17:27
      • Dick Wei Interview – 13:57
      • Lee Hoi-San Interview – 22:03
      • "Stunt God" Mars Interview – 15:26
      • TV Special – 1:11:59
      • Deleted Scenes – 10:32
      • Behind The Scenes – 51:30
      • How To Do Action Comedy – 9:06
      • Sammo Hung Interview – 5:23
      • Charitable Chan – 9:00
      • Jackie Chan on Japanese TV – 4:59
      • Lunar New Years Introduction – 2:26
      • Image Gallery – 12:23
      • Outtakes - 5:49
      • Trailers - 12:05
      • TV Spots - 8:54
      • Restoration - 7:46
      • Hong Kong Rescue Trailer - 6:08


        Total Length of Special Features:  6 hours, 24 minutes

        Additional Details:

        • 2x 50gb Blu-ray discs packed to the limit
        • These discs are region-free
        • We ship worldwide