#5. Drunken Master HKR Definitive Edition Blu-ray

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Following quickly on the heels of their previous success, Snake In The Eagle's Shadow, Jackie and director Yuen Woo-Ping created what is still considered one of the greatest martial arts films ever produced.  Drunken Master presents the legendary Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung in a humorous light, unusual for the time, in an early example of the "kung fu comedy" subgenre.


Devised as a "star vehicle" for Chan to exhibit his gracefully choreographed slapstick, kinetic energy and acrobatic talents, the film represents a milestone in HK Cinema and Jackie's development as a performer.  Yes, by today's standards, it's simple and somewhat crude, but it's also bursting with mischievous charm and inventive fight sequences, and a rising star at his physical peak, with something to prove to himself and audiences all over the world.  Drunken Master is pure entertainment.



What makes our version special:


Utilizing the recent 4K restoration, our release of this classic film features audio tracks and special features not found on any other version.  



Taking a purist's approach, our version relies on the original Japanese transfer that doesn't have excessive DNR or added film grain.  The result is a clean, natural image that looks pristine.  


The subtitles:


Our version features a new, exclusive English translation that is a huge improvement over releases put out by other companies.  We're purists at Hong Kong Rescue and we prefer subtitles that accurately the true meaning of the dialogue.


Exclusive audio track:


Among our extensive collection of audio tracks is a track that many considered lost.


This release is the ONLY one to include the original, classic English dub from the rare "Rank" VHS tape.  This track is a nostalgic treat and a favorite among devotees of this film.


Campy and silly as can be, these old-school English dubs are the perfect compliment to classic Kung Fu cinema. 


We searched through each and every home video release of this film, many of which are out of print, to determine the best-sounding and most essential audio tracks.  We've collected only the best for this release and carefully synced them up.


You have the option to easily toggle between every audio track that you’d want for this film.



Disc 1 Features:

  • New 4K Restoration - Pristine image quality
  • Exclusive audio track - The only release to include the rare "Rank" VHS English dub
  • The most accurate subtitles - Rewritten from scratch by fluent Cantonese-speaking Kung Fu fans
  • Authored to the highest standard - Professional menus with seamless navigation and chapter and audio selection combine in a release that is polished in all facets.

Audio Tracks

  • Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM
  • Altered Cantonese 2.0 LPCM
  • Cantonese 5.1 Dolby
  • New US English Dub 2.0 Dolby
  • Original Rank English Dub 2.0 Dolby
  • Mandarin 2.0 Dolby
  • Japanese 2.0 Dolby
  • Rick Meyere and Jeff Yang Commentary




      Disc 2 Special Features

      • Interview With Jackie Chan – 21:08
      • Interview With Producer Ng See Yuen – 14:05
      • A Conversation With Yuen Woo-Ping – 22:56
      • Tour of the Jackie Chan Film Gallery – 8:47
      • 36 Crazy Fists - Behind The Scenes – 5:06
      • "Dragon Power" Scene – 6:51
      • Hwang Jang Lee In Action – 1:30
      • Deleted Scene – 1:43
      • Drunken Master Trailers – 5:41
      • Image Gallery – 2:47
      • Japanese Blu-ray Promos – 3:36
      • Twins Parody – 2:05
      • Hong Kong Rescue Trailer – 4:48


        Total Length of Special Features:  1 hours, 41 minutes

        Additional Details:

        • 1x 50gb Blu-ray disc, 1x 25gb Blu-ray disc
        • These discs are region-free
        • We ship worldwide