#2. Police Story HKR Definitive Edition Blu-ray

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Action superstar Jackie Chan plays super cop Kevin Chan Ka Kui in this non-stop thrill ride of spectacular stunts and over-the-top action.


After capturing a vicious crime boss, Chan is assigned to protect the key prosecution witness - the drug lord's beautiful secretary Selina (Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia).  But he's soon framed for murder and, pursued both by criminals and lawmen, must now render his own brand of justice.


Hailed as one of Jackie's greatest action masterpieces, Police Story is a pure adrenaline rush from start to finish, and an influential milestone in action cinema.


What makes our version special:


After many years of neglect, Jackie Chan has finally started to get some respect on home video.  However, our release of Police Story stands head and shoulders above the rest for a few reasons.


First, we took the unprecedented step of completely restoring the Japanese Extended Version.  


For many people, myself included, the Japanese Extended Version of Police Story, with it's extended opening and closing, alternate credits and outtakes, and additional scenes and re-edited scenes, is actually superior to the Hong Kong theatrical cut.


Until now, it's only been available on a Japanese laserdisc and as a bonus on a 2013 Japanese Blu-ray.


The source used on the Japanese Blu-ray was in terrible shape.  It's obviously an extremely worn and damaged 35mm print many generations removed from the original negatives, that apparently haven't survived.


It even includes burnt-in Japanese subtitles on the right side of the image, which is distracting for English-speaking viewers and covers up important parts of the image.


What we did was to use the recent 4K restoration of the Hong Kong version for all scenes we could, and then fully restoring the Japanese extended scenes and color-grading them to match up seamlessly with the Hong Kong version.


We used Digital Vision Phoenix and The Pixel Farm's PFClean to remove thousands of instances of dirt, dust, scratches and broken frames.


We even took it a step further and removed ALL the burnt-in Japanese subtitles using a variety of methods that are too complex to describe.  


Many people said this couldn't be done, but we worked frame-by-frame for several months and managed to make it look completely seamless.


This is an example of how we're willing to go above and beyond in service of classic Hong Kong cinema.


The subtitles:


As is our usual policy, we spent considerable time re-translating the dialog to ensure our subtitles are the most accurate on the market. 


But we went a step further and had the Police Story theme song ("The Hero Story") translated into English for the very first time.


A carefully-selected collection of audio tracks:


Our release includes a more comprehensive audio selection than any other.


Finally, you have the option to toggle between every audio track that you’d want for this film, including no less than four commentaries.



Disc 1 Features:

  • Includes the Hong Kong Theatrical Version and the Japanese Extended Version
  • The newest 4K restoration - Pristine picture quality
  • New restoration of the Japanese Extended Version - A HKR exclusive
  • The most accurate subtitles - Including exclusive translation of the Police Story theme song
  • Authored to the highest standard - Professional menus with seamless navigation and chapter and audio selection combine in a release that is polished in all facets.

Hong Kong Theatrical Version Audio Tracks

  • Cantonese 2.0 24 bit Uncompressed LPCM
  • Cantonese 5.1 Surround DTS-HD
  • New English Dub 5.1 DTS-HD
  • Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM
  • Bey Logan Commentary
  • Bey Logan / Brett Ratner Commentary

Japanese Extended Version Audio Tracks

  • Cantonese 2.0 24 bit Uncompressed LPCM
  • Original Cantonese 2.0 24 bit LPCM
  • "Podcast On Fire" Commentary




      Disc 2 Special Features

      • Police Force USA Export Cut – 1:27:20
      • Image Gallery – 25:56
      • The Restoration – 10:02
      • Becoming Jackie – 16:14
      • The Superhuman Everyman – 13:25
      • Jackie Chan Interviews – 30:15
      • From Police Story to Rush Hour – 6:13
      • Alternate Versions – 42:57
      • Stunts Unlimited – 34:08
      • Music Video – 2:54
      • Live Performance – 2:40
      • Outtakes – 12:55
      • Trailers and TV Spots – 18:53
      • The Balcony Jump – 4:22
      • Shooting Locations:  Then and Now – 3:38
      • "My Stunts" Documentary – 1:36:31
      • Stunt Team Reunion - 12:13
      • The Early Years - 36:18
      • Hong Kong Cinema Archives - 32:28
      • Tribute To Fung Hak On - 12:09
      • Hong Kong Rescue - 1:36


        Total Length of Special Features:  8 hours, 18 minutes

        Additional Details:

        • 2x 50gb Blu-ray discs packed to the limit
        • These discs are region-free
        • We ship worldwide