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Hong Kong Rescue is a project run mostly by one person.  As such, the work involved in not only creating new titles, but in duplicating discs, sending out orders and handling customer service, among other tasks, is very extensive.

As we've grown in popularity, the work involved in keeping this operation running has grown as well.

Given this trend, we want to provide a way for supporters of our work to help us continue to keep HKR going.  

There are many people who have already purchased all of our products, or all the products that they are interested in, but would still like to support us.

This allows us to:

1.  Spend the many hours necessary to complete the extensive restorations of classic Hong Kong films, edit audio, create new subtitle tracks, and everything else necessary to put together the ultimate versions of these films.

2.  Buy new equipment that will enable us to fulfill orders at a faster rate.

3.  Keep the lights on, pay for internet and everything else.

4.  Focus more on Hong Kong Rescue and less on other work that is currently needed to pay the bills.


We offer 5 Tiers of support.  

Tier 1 - $5 Per Month

Our basic tier of support.  For only $5 per month you can support our painstaking work to restore classic Hong Kong films and give them proper home video releases on Blu-ray.

Subscribe to Tier 1 here:

Tier 1 - $5

Tier 2 - $15 Per Month

Our second tier of support.  For $15 per month you can provide a bit more support, allowing us to spend even more time working on these films.

Subscribe to Tier 2 here:

Tier 2 - $15

Tier 3 - $25 Per Month

Our middle tier of support.  $25 per month really helps us provide more polish to these titles 

Subscribe to Tier 3 here:

Tier 3 - $25

Tier 4 - $50 Per Month

Our fourth tier of support is for those who would like to be a bit more generous.  $50 per month ensures we'll be able to release more titles in a shorter time frame.

Subscribe to Tier 4 here:

Tier 4 - $50

Tier 5 - $100 Per Month

Our highest tier is for the very generous who love what we're doing and want to see us continue for years to come.  $100 per month not only ensures that we'll be able to keep releasing these titles, but it will enable us to purchase more equipment and upgrade our operations, ensuring greatly improved service.

Subscribe to Tier 5 here:

Tier 5 - $100

Thank you very much for any and all support!  You're the reason we work on these projects and your encouragement and support allows us to continue to work on them.


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