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Side Projects

Side Projects

You'll notice if you click on the "Shop Blu-rays" link on the Header, that I have a few titles available which are called "Side Projects".

These are projects that I've worked on for clients that fall outside of the umbrella of "Hong Kong Rescue".  They aren't necessarily Hong Kong films and may not have the same appeal.  They are usually more limited in scope than our main titles.

However, due to popular demand, I have made these titles available for those who are interested in what they offer.


I also want to let people know that I do offer my services to you for specific projects.  I can create custom projects for you, if you are interested.

Typically what I offer is:

Video Editing & Restoration

Audio Editing

Subtitle Work

Creating Animated Menus, Chapter Selection, Pop-Up Menus, etc

Special Features

Case and Disc Artwork


I usually charge between $150 - $200 for a custom project.  This all depends on the specifics of what you want me to do.

Also, I don't need to create an entire authored Blu-ray for you.  I can also be hired for specific tasks.  For example, if you simply need some video restored, upscaled, deinterlaced, cropped, etc.  Or you need a subtitle track synced up.  Or audio editing.  Or whatever.

I can be hired for specific tasks at a reduced cost.


If you are interested in hiring me to create an entire custom project for you, or simply to do certain tasks, then click on the "Contact" link at the top of the page and send me a message with a proposal.

If we can negotiate a fair price, I'll get to work and create something that you'll really love.

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