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About Us

About Us


Face it, Hong Kong cinema has been disrespected on home video for decades.

Virtuoso masters of action cinema like John Woo, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Tsui Hark and others poured their blood, sweat and tears into creating some of the greatest action films the world has ever seen.

Hong Kong film fans have been forced to suffer through mediocre (or worse) home video versions on VHS, laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray.

Major studios felt no shame in re-editing the films, cropping the aspect ratio, changing the music and sound effects, eliminating the original language audio track and tacking on hard-to-read and inaccurate subtitles with spelling errors galore.

For many of the greatest films of all time, there simply existed no decent version on home video anywhere in the world.

Until now.

Hong Kong Rescue presents genuine HD versions of long-neglected classic Hong Kong films with no compromises.

We are an obsessive group and we strive to restore every detail of each film to it's original theatrical version.

Our Ultimate Edition Blu-rays include:

1. Only the highest quality high definition video transfer available anywhere, uncut and in the original aspect ratio. The transfers are often meticulously restored, with thousands of instances of dirt, dust, scratches removed manually.
2. We always include multiple audio tracks with every release, including the original language in uncompressed linear PCM at a superior quality than the lossy Dolby tracks tacked on to other releases. Secondary audio tracks include English dub(s), Mandarin, and remixed 5.1 or 7.1 DTS-HD Surround tracks for those that want them.
3. Our subtitles have been completely rewritten by a colleague who is fluent in Cantonese. Proper translations of the dialogue transforms the experience of watching these films as the nuances of the dialog come through and the true meaning is properly conveyed to the viewer.
4. Our releases come with a Encyclopedic collection of special features, many of which are hand-crafted and exclusive to Hong Kong Rescue. Interviews with cast and crew, Making Of documentaries, behind the scenes footage, trailer galleries, and so much more.
5. Every detail of the cover art, disc art and menu design are hand-crafted with an obsessive touch. We model our releases after the Criterion Collection, in fact we use the same premium clear cases that they use.

So, are you ready to finally own the definitive versions of some of the greatest action and martial arts films ever made?

The value provided by these releases is simply staggering and the presentation of every aspect from the artwork to the menu design, to the video editing, restoration, and audio editing is crafted to a very high standard. Hell, we even obsess over the font, placement and size of the subtitles.

This is work that can only be done by genuine fans of Asian cinema.

It's time for these classics to be treated with the respect they so justly deserve.

We're doing our part. Will you help us by adding the definitive versions of the films to your collection?

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