#4. Police Story 3: Supercop HKR Definitive Edition Blu-ray

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Stuntman-turned-director Stanley Tong takes the helm of the third Police Story film and teams Jackie Chan with action diva Michelle Yeoh for a spectacular high-octane adventure.


Chan (as a risk-taking Hong Kong cop) and Yeoh (as a by-the-book federal agent from Mainland China) go deep undercover to infiltrate and take down an international drug ring.


Filled with breathtakingly dangerous stunts and inventive action sequences, it's no wonder Police Story 3: Supercop is hailed as a classic of HK action cinema and one of Jackie's best films.


In Taiwan the film broke box office records and Chan was bestowed with the Best Actor honor at the 1992 Golden Horse Awards.


What makes our version special:


This is another title that has been unavailable in it's original Hong Kong Theatrical form in English speaking markets for many, many years.  Until now.


Recently, L'Immagine Ritrovata performed a brand new 4K scan and restoration of the uncut original theatrical print.  While they did an admirable job, there were a few problems.


First, this new scan has only been released in Asian markets.


And second, the transfer's color grading was severely off.  This is probably not L'Immagine Ritrovata's fault since film storage in Hong Kong is infamously bad and prints are allowed to deteriorate and fade.


The detail and sharpness of the image are spectacular but the colors are simply off compared to what they looked like when the film was originally released.


So, Hong Kong Rescue took on the task of performing a brand new, scene-by-scene color grading to restore the original vibrancy to the films colors.  We used the Criterion laserdisc and Miramax Blu-ray as references.


What you get with our Hong Kong Rescue release is the best of both worlds.  The detail and sharpness of L'Immagine Ritrovata's 4K restoration and the vibrance and saturation of the original color grading.



The subtitles:


As we always strive to do, we had our fluent Cantonese-speaking colleagues re-translate the dialogue from scratch to produce English subtitles that far more accurately convey the story line and the nuances of the performances.


Depending on which audio track you choose, a different song plays over the ending credits / outtakes.  The Cantonese version plays "I Have My Path". The Mandarin version plays "The Riddle".


Whichever audio track you select, a brand new and exclusive translation for either of these theme songs will play at the end of the film.


This is a small touch that separates our version from any other.


A carefully-selected collection of audio tracks:


Our release features an exclusive "hybrid" Cantonese track that combines the original Cantonese dialogue and music with the more impactful sound effects (explosions, gun shots, etc) from the Miramax English dub.  The result is the best of both worlds.


We searched through each and every home video release of this film, many of which are out of print, to determine the best-sounding and most essential audio tracks.  We've collected only the best for this release and carefully synced them up.


You have the option to easily toggle between every audio track that you’d want for this film.



Disc 1 Features:

  • Two Versions Of The Film:  The Hong Kong Theatrical Version and the US Miramax Version
  • The newest restoration - For the first time in English-speaking markets, the new 4K restoration from L'Immagine Ritrovata is presented with exclusive additional color grading.
  • The most accurate subtitles - Including exclusive translations of the theme songs "I Have My Path" and "The Riddle"
  • Authored to the highest standard - Professional menus with seamless navigation and chapter and audio selection combine in a release that is polished in all facets.

Hong Kong Version Audio Tracks

  • Cantonese Hybrid 2.0 LPCM
  • Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM
  • Cantonese 5.1 DTS-HD
  • Mandarin 5.1 DTS-HD
  • Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM

Miramax Version Audio Tracks

  • New English Dub 2.0 LPCM
  • New English Dub 5.1 DTS-HD
  • Cantonese Hybrid 2.0 LPCM
  • Bey Logan Commentary




      Disc 2 Special Features

      • Image Gallery – 28:51
      • The Color Grading – 8:16
      • Jackie Chan Interview – 19:23
      • Michelle Yeoh Interview – 23:12
      • Stanley Tong Interviews – 36:49
      • Ken Lo Interview – 21:45
      • The Helicopter Stunt – 8:07
      • Behind The Scenes – 51:20
      • "Ouch"-Takes – 9:54
      • Chan & Yeoh – 7:34
      • Jackie Chan Tribute – 8:08
      • Michelle Yeoh Tribute – 6:04
      • Yuen Wah Tribute – 6:09
      • Mandarin Music Videos – 9:01
      • English Music Video – 4:05
      • Jackie's Secret House – 4:17
      • Dangers of HK Filmmaking - 3:02
      • When Jackie Met Michelle - 1:49
      • Promotional Archive - 2:01:46
      • Trailer Gallery - 22:36
      • Hong Kong Rescue - 1:36


        Total Length of Special Features:  6 hours, 44 minutes

        Additional Details:

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