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Updates On Shipping & HKR's Status

I haven't been updating the blog on our site recently, preferring instead to keep people updated through our email newsletter.  However, I have had more than a few people contact me, asking whether we're still in business due to the lack of blog posts.  So I'm going to try and update this blog with the latest news about what's going on so everyone knows the latest, especially visitors who haven't subscribed to our email newsletter.

As you may have heard, we've been a little backlogged on orders this year.  I believe the worst is behind us and we'll be able to get caught up within a few weeks.

Since our release of The Killer we've experienced an unprecedented rise in demand for our products, which has been difficult to manage and required an adjustment period.

As such, a few have suggested we try to communicate as best we can to give people our best assessment of delivery times with a realistic assessment of what we're capable of delivering.

Right now I feel we're in a good place and are able to deliver orders without too much of a delay.

This is what I do pretty much every day:

I duplicate hundreds of films, which involves duplicating discs, printing cover art (on both sides), printing disc art, and cutting the cover art and putting it together.
Then I use these plastic "tubs" and assemble as many orders as I can, printing out shipping labels, uploading tracking numbers and then making repeated trips to the post office (just down the street from where I live).
It's an assembly line basically.  I've got a good system working now and I'm always trying my best to keep on top of things the best I can.
People, I hope, understand that we produce a boutique, hand-crafted product and that shipping delays sometimes occur.  I do my best to keep those delays to a minimum but I always want to be as transparent as I can about the physical limitations of what I can do.
This is one reason we offer Digital Downloads, so people can access our work instantly.
Speaking of Digital Downloads...
More than a few people have made complaints about MEGA as a host for our files.  Some people run into daily data caps that cause them to need to take multiple days to download our files.
There are ways around these data caps, but they may be a bit challenging for the less tech savvy.
So I have reuploaded all our files on Google Drive.  When you purchased any of our Digital Downloads from now on, you'll receive the option to download either with MEGA or Google Drive.
So far I haven't had any complaints of people using the Google Drive links.
I am also considering uploading all our films as standalone MKV files.  I know a lot of people just want to watch the main feature, or stream it to their TV and don't want to bother with RAR files, or extracting an ISO file or any of that.
I would simply include a link to the MKV files alongside the links to the ISO files when you purchase any of our Digital Downloads.  I'm happy to do this if that's what people want.
Whatever makes it easier for you, just let me know.
I'll try and post a new blog entry at least once a week moving forward so please check our site periodically for the latest updates.
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