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Supplier issues...


I was hoping I wouldn't have to write this post, but it seems I no longer have a choice.

For pretty much all of October the main supplier I rely on for our cases has been backordered.

Initially they had told me they expected new stock to become available in "mid-October" which obviously didn't come to pass.

Still, I was hopeful that I'd eventually be able to get a new shipment in and return to the business of sending out orders to everyone as usual and hopefully getting caught up.

Unfortunately in my latest correspondence with Casetopia, I was informed that not only don't they have any of the cases in stock, they aren't expected to have more until some time in December!

Obvious I cannot wait that long.

The trouble is that I have been unable to find the particular cases I use from any other supplier which means it is extremely disruptive when Casetopia is out of stock for an extended period of time.

Here is the link to the exact product that I buy:


These are the best double-disc cases you can get, and I've done a lot of comparisons.

I did manage to find an Ebay seller who has some of these cases and I've contacted him in the hopes that I'll be able to buy a batch from him to hold me over.  Of course, his price is many times higher per case but I'm hoping he'll be able to give me a deal if I order in bulk.


If this doesn't work, my only option is to find some other type of case to substitute in the meantime.

I'm aware that this year has really sucked in a lot of ways and has caused substantial delays in the fulfillment of orders over the past several months.

Just as I was finally catching up, the main supplier I rely on becomes backordered causing even further delays.

I really appreciate the people who support us and understand the extenuating circumstances we're dealing with.

As we prepare for the release of The Killer, and our new upcoming projects, and as we built up an ever-largest audience, we're dealing with some "growing pains".  Order fulfillment times will get faster and faster as we move into 2021 and beyond.


Note:  This supplier issue does NOT affect our "Side Project" Blu-rays that use single-disc cases, nor obviously does it affect our Digital Downloads which can be purchased and downloaded immediately.

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