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Fully Stocked


For the first time in several months, we're very happy to be fully stocked on the supplies we rely on to produce our films.  As many may know, our main supplier for cases was backordered from October through December, which delayed a number of orders.

The good news is that those supply-chain disruptions are a thing of the past.  We're all stocked up and ready to fulfill orders at a faster pace than we have been able to in the past.

In addition, we took the opportunity to upgrade our equipment, including the purchase of a new duplication tower that we'll be running alongside our old duplication tower which should more than double the speed with which we're able to produce these films.

We also purchased an additional printer (Canon Pixma Pro-100) that we'll be running alongside the old printer which will allow us to print all our cover art, and the disc art, at a faster pace as well.

We'll continue to monitor the demand we see for our films and upgrade our equipment accordingly.


1300 new cases

1200 new discs

1200 sheets of photo paper

1 additional photo printer (Canon Pixma Pro-100)

1 new Blu-ray duplication tower

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